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Ten Steps to Helping Your Child Succeed in School: Workbook (Digital Download)


Ten Steps to Helping Your Child Succeed in School: Workbook (Digital Download)


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Mychal and his wife, Nina, have firsthand experience with the many challenges and frustrations facing parents.   

“Jalani hit a little girl and bit a little boy.” 

“Jalani would not go to sleep at nap time.” 

“Mychal-David would not stop talking in class.” 

“Jalani used bad words today.” 

“Mychal-David has not been turning in his work.” 

“Jalani would not be quiet at story time.” 

“Mychal-David broke the pencil sharper.” 

“Jalani kicked a hole in the wall.” 

“Jalani would not sit in time-out, so he was sent to the office and you have to come and get him right now!” 

If responding to the frequent notes, meeting with teachers, counselors, and the principal, and dealing with their sons’ behaviors were not enough, Mychal and Nina had to develop, revise, develop, and revise again strategies to get their older son to do his class work (“I am not motivated in class”), turn in his homework, and bring home the many notices that he received from school.

“When our older son, Mychal-David, graduated from the fifth grade, Nina and I celebrated. This day marked the end of another school year. For eight years, dating back to his preschool days at the First Lutheran Church in Carson, California, we prayed for solutions, researched everything that we could find about parenting and teaching, developed and implemented strategies, and prayed again for the wisdom and strength to help our children develop their potential and to become successful in school. That graduation day marked the end of elementary school and was our day of celebration!”

Their older son is now attending Amherst College, the country’s top-ranked liberal arts college. Their younger son is now in high school and well into his college-bound plan. Mychal and Nina believe the strategies they have used, and continue to use with their sons, can be replicated by other parents. Countless children who are underachieving in school, and others who have been diagnosed as Hyperactive, having an Emotional/Behavioral Disorder (EBD), Learning Disabled (LD), or with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have special talents and abilities, which can be channeled into long-term dreams and aspirations. All children can succeed in school as they journey along the road to richly rewarding lives and careers.

Eryn Davila is a parent and teacher. Ms. Davila is a fifth grade science teacher in the Dallas Independent School District. Ms. Davila believes that ensuring that all students experience school success requires that parents and teachers pay close attention to each child’s developmental and learning style needs. Ms. Davila believes that if she can ensure that her students leave elementary school with a strong foundation, they will be well prepared to continue their growth through middle and high school in preparation for college and careers.

Serita Dodson is a third grade teacher in the Frisco Independent School District. Mrs. Dodson has taught kindergarten through third grade and believes that educating others is her calling. Her hope, through her contribution to this book, is that parents and teachers will become united around a common goal—the success of our children. Mrs. Dodson is currently pursuing a Masters in Administration degree at the Texas Woman’s University. Mrs. Dodson lives in Texas and is married to Vincent Rois Dodson, Jr. 

The activities and strategies that follow are intended to assist parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, coaches, teachers, administrators, mentors, and counselors in helping children to succeed academically and develop socially throughout their elementary-through-high school experience. The activities and strategies expand upon the information contained in the book, “Ten Steps to Helping Your Child Succeed in School.” The overview preceding each step refers the reader to pages in the book for more extensive reading. The book and workbook are part of Mychal Wynn’s college-bound planning series, designed to assist parents and students in developing elementary-through-college plans. 

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